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Why Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG or GRG)?

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Gypsum is a natural mineral mined throughout the world. Our specially-formulated Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG or GRG) is comprised of a mixture of raw gypsum cement, laminated to layers of long strand, continuous glass fiber matting.

GFRG offers unique pricing, aesthetic, health, and safety advantages:

* 100% NONCOMBUSTIBLE (unlike polyurethane or wood products), making it ideal for fireplace fronts and mantels, range hoods, and ceiling domes.

* Stunning finish and treatment options, including metallic, marble, alabaster, or our own GFRG Limestone Cast. It can be finished with water-based or oil-based paints.

* Non-toxic, non-allergenic, and environmentally-friendly.

Photo provided by Matt Van Der Steen of Art of Deception, who performed this decorative treatment on our product.
* Paint-grade finish (i.e. ready to lightly sand, and apply primer and finish coats).

* Increased design versatility over wood.

* Superior strength and durability (tensile, yield, flexural).

* Crack and shrink resistant (unlike solid and pre-cast stone or wood products).

* Lightweight (unlike stone), requiring little or no additional structural support.

* Easy installation and repair, including little preparation prior to final finish.

All our GFRG products are made (not just "assembled") in the U.S.A. by skilled American craftsmen.

In addition to GFRG, we can sometimes acquire and/or produce moulds and products of other materials, depending upon your particular needs.  Ask for more information.


GFRG Fireplace Mantel Survives Accident: 9 Hours of Intense, Unventilated Gas Heat

One of our customers along the Wasatch Front in Utah recently had an accident.  Their gas-burning firebox was turned on at full power, BUT THE VENTILATION FAN WAS LEFT OFF.  Workers returned to the scene approximately 9 HOURS LATER.

Had their fireplace mantel been constructed of wood, urethane, or similar materials, the mantel and surrounding area would have certainly caught fire, and the home might have burned to the ground.

The heat was so intense, the stainless steel on the firebox was tarnished, and it is frankly a wonder that the surrounding internal wood framing and drywall did not ignite.

When workers touched our mantel, however, though it was very hot, the only damage was a small 3" long surface crack and some minor surface discoloring.  Our installers returned to the job site and were able to repair the mantel in just a few minutes.

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All our GFRG products are made in the U.S.A. by skilled American craftsmen.

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