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Recent 9' Ceiling Dome Installation

Below is a photo gallery of a recent 9' standard round recessed dome installation.  Click on any picture to enlarge.  Go back to Ceiling Domes page.

Disclaimer: These pictures and descriptions are general ideas only, and should never supersede safety, common sense, or applicable laws and regulations. Qualified installation specialists should always install this product. RWM-Inc. assumes no liability for accidents or improper installations.

9' Dome Details
in .pdf format (2 pages)

9' Standard Round Dome arrives for installation.

Dome is placed underneath framing.

Another view of the dome placement and special dome strapping (cast into the product) and tie wires we add for easier installation and additional support in the ceiling.

The ceiling framing for this dome.

To make install easy, we recommend that you also purchase or rent an appropriate winch (see the small black box) and cable to securely lift the dome into place.

Dome is securely fastened to the cable and ready to hoist.

Dome is raised.  Notice the wood framework (hoist gurney) we can add to our larger 1-piece domes to make your lifting easier (for an additional $150.00).

Dome continues to rise.  Notice the small guide rope attached to the wood framework.

Dome is nearly there!

Dome fits snugly into proper framing.

Unlike our smaller domes (see our standard install suggestions for our smaller round and oval domes), our 9' dome is a side mount.  We recommend drilling two countersunk holes at each point of anchor.

The dome is screwed into the frame at each anchor point.  We also recommend that you secure the strapping loop with #9 tie-wire to the structure for additional support.

The dome is secure.  Scaffolding is removed.

Another picture of the dome from the doorway.

After drywall, the matching light cove was added.

Here is another pre-paint view from the balcony.

The finished product.  Our domes are paint-grade (i.e. ready to lightly sand, and apply primer and finish coats).

Two views from the balcony.

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